"Its fun to complain sometimes."
- Baron on Gordo's swim sessions.

Last spring while mid-way through the Vegas-2-Boulder (V2B) road trip, Gordo was having an easy day off the bike. A rest day and a map of the USA is a dangerous combo in the hands of someone like Gordo. That was the day he dreamed up this cross-country training road trip.

So just what is gRAAM? Not exactly a race, though he and his road trip training buddy, Clas Bjorling, my get a little competitve from time-to-time. This is really a rather excessive base building period as part of their goals for the Ironman World Championships later this year in Kona, Hawaii. The guys will cover somewhere around 3,000 or so miles riding their bikes from coast-to-coast over about 10 weeks time. Mixed in daily, they will swim, run and lift weights.

The trip and route is pretty much "come up with it as we go". It will be decided based on how the lads feel, advice from locals, and weather conditions. The trip officially started on March 20 in San Diego, California with a swim in the Pacific Ocean, and officially ends somewhere on the east coast where they can swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

The starring roles in this movie are Gordo Byrn (Ultraman World Champion and Top 3 Ironman) and Clas "The Baron" Bjorling (Ironman World AG Champion and Top 3 Ironman). In the supporting role is Wyanne "Wy" Chase, also training en route for Ironman Canada. There will be several guest roles along the way as triathletes along the trip hop on the train for a bit of fun and suffering.

See ya out there!

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