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Some of the advice on this page is out-of-date.
My best advice is in my book Going Long as well as my new gTips page.

Race Strategy

Vernon's IMNZ Plan
Wildflower Course Summary
Thoughts on IM Tapering
The Road to Kona
The Unofficial IMC FAQ
Wy's 1/2IM Strategy
Ironman Lake Placid Race Briefing
Gordo's IMC 2001 Taper
IMC Race Briefing
Wy's Ironvirgin Race Plan!
Gordo's IMC 2001 Race Plan

Nutrition & Body Composition

Female Nutrition
Energy Consumption - Useful
Nutrition & Diet - Old
Nutrition & Recovery - Old
Thoughts on Food - Old
IM Nutrition - Old


Swimmer's Shoulder
Peak Week 2 Swims
ASCA Clinic 2003 Notes
Moderate DryLand Swim Program
Open Water Swim Sessions
Vasa Trainer FAQ
Swim Workouts Q1 2003
How to Use Swim Cords
Josh Davis Swim Clinic Notes
Practical Application of The Progression
The Technique Progression
Favourite Swim Workouts 2002
Technique Swim Workouts
Long Swim Workouts
ASCA World Clinic Notes
Swim Endurance and B/L
Bilateral Swim Notes


Strauss, IM with Power
Bike Tests
Big Gear ME
Baxter Bike Fit Notes
Powercranks Article
Base Period ME - Bike
Bike Fit with John Cobb


Run Data and Long Run Protocol
The Quest for 2:45
IM Running
Run Tests
Run Camp Case Study
Run Training
Run Technique - An Elite Perspective
Running Drills
Sustained Speed
Sustained Speed Workout Ideas
Quest for Speed

Strength Training

Bobby McGee Core
Strength Periodization 2004
Muscular Endurance Protocol
Yoga for Athletes
Circuit Training Ideas
Core Strength Ideas
Sample Strength Program #1
Sample Strength Program #2
Sample Strength Program #3


Optimal Volume
Road Trip Summary
Season Log
ITU A Race Sample Block
Basic Week Structure
On Being Fast
My Weekend with Joe Friel
Review of Emotional Anatomy
Post IMC 2001, A Case Study
Wy's Top Ten List
Elite Olympic Distance Warm-Up
Achilles Tendon Treatment
Athletic Success and Gizmos